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The Neighbourhood - Varsity Theater, Minneapolis 6/18

I leave for school in two days and was compelled to write/reflect on my favorite experience from the past three months, so here I am.

My music taste is a little out there for my friends (if you consider The Neighbourhood to be “out there”), but I needed someone to accompany me so I took my friend Claire. She didn’t know any of their names, had only heard “Sweater Weather” and the chorus of “Afraid” a few times, but she couldn’t deny their obvious talent and high level babe-ness so obvi she agreed to come.

We ended up second row and because I’m 6’0”, I spent most of the concert smizing at Jesse. It goes without saying that the guy’s a musical genius, but being that close to a talent like his was just incredible.

With such a definitive and original sound/vibe, The Neighbourhood is a sort of pioneer in the music industry. They fit into a very specific niche and are clearly aware of what they want this band to be, so every component of it flows flawlessly with their vision. Their concert was unlike any I’ve ever been to and it was fucking phenomenal (even though they didn’t play the “Say My Name/Cry Me A River” mashup hashtag crying because Destiny’s Child gives me life).

We talked to them after the show for about 45 minutes and they were so grunge-y and real and nice (a lil bit flirty)(I see u) and just so rad. Bryan was a talkative little one and we got into a friendly skirmish over who was taller, so we stood back to back to determine it and what’s really important is that I touched Bryan’s butt with my butt.

Zach is the cutest qt, Mikey’s a doll, but my favorite is Jeremy (hmu boi).

All in all, this concert experience was SO RADICAL and it would be an honor to see them live again.

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Name: 1937
Artist: Novel Nature
Album: 1937 - Single
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Novel Nature - 1937

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